Valentina Armstrong

What inspires you?

My great source of inspiration is the diversity in the people I see around me. Being able to represent in my illustrations all those details that identify a person and fill them with character. In addition to that, the personal styles of each one and being able to charm me with the attitude of the people. On the other hand, nature, spaces, architecture and decoration have always been the most recurring themes in my work.

The essentials in your workshop
You can't miss music or a podcast, my materials (watercolors, colored pencils, brushes, a thousand other things), water and computer.

In which home textile would you like to see your illustrations?
I am a fan of home textiles, it would be great to see some of my illustrations on decorative textiles, blankets, tablecloths, napkins, shower curtains, towels, cushions and bedding.

What relationship does your art have with Slowlife?
I think the relationship between my work and slowlife has a bit to do with the fact that it is handmade. Illustrate analogously with tangible materials. Learning the trade and its techniques have allowed me to appreciate and understand the value of each image and the processes behind the creation of each piece.

Chilean artist that you recommend following and why?
I recommend following the work of Carmen Carreño. Chilean artist who paints with watercolor. His work is characterized by the representation of realistic landscapes in very small formats.

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