@holaleon murals, embroidery and everything in between.

What inspires you?

Different materials inspire me a lot, explore possibilities in different supports and always listen to my curiosity. It also inspires me to see different places and learn new things.

The essentials in your workshop

In my workshop it is essential that there is good light! That it be a place where I feel welcome and where everything is ready and ready for my various investigations.

In which home textile would you like to see your illustrations?

I dream of seeing my illustrations in all kinds of objects and materials. I love the possibilities of textile in particular and would love to see my ideas translated into this material in the near future.

What relationship do your pieces have with the SlowlIfe?

In painting, and especially in embroidery, the processes take time and reflection. They are the result of personal processes, of all kinds of emotions and contemplation. It is slow and does not happen from one day to the next. They are points that are connecting through time, they are maturing and transforming, and in their observation things are emerging that are translated into new works and imaginaries.

Chilean artist that you recommend following and why?

I love the work of Christiane Drapela. In addition to being an incredible illustrator, she is also a wonderful singer. Together with her sister they have a business called Casa Rosa where they make beautiful things by hand. On instagram it's @christiane_dh

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