Pía Palmas @AIP.ARTE , an Argentine artist who since 2012 has been inspired by Costa Rica.

What inspires you?

All this green that surrounds me, day to day, the plants, the shapes, the colors.

The essentials in your workshop

Pia con pia to be present, to let go of speaking to me! Music.

In which home textiles would you like to see some of your projects?

Big blankets!

What relationship does your work have with Slow Life?

My relationship with my work has something very beautiful, which is respecting my time, respecting myself. I think that this is contagious and reaches everywhere, the joy of being able to undertake from what one does with love and from a very beautiful side.

Artist that you recommend following and why?

Pretty! @BELLAMCGOLDRICK I think looking at his works makes your head explode in a very magical sense of wow!

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