Nicole López Espinoza

" Nicole López Espinoza (1987), better known as Nicoletalle, is an architect, artist and watercolorist based in Santiago. As a nature lover, her work focuses on botanical art made with watercolors, where she seeks to represent shape, color and the details of the flowers and plants.She has been working as an illustrator and watercolor teacher for 7 years, for brands and people who seek to bring nature into their lives through the practice of painting.She lives in Ñuñoa with Simón and her cats ; Paris, Prague and London. His work can be seen at @nicoletalle "

What inspires you?

Definitely what inspires me the most is nature , but if I wanted to go specifically to what moves my heart the most, it is the exploration of the feminine and the fleeting through flowers . In plants and flowers I have found silence, time stops, my thoughts cease and I only concentrate on identifying each detail that makes that flower particular. On paper, I took the valorization of that detail as a central axis and I try to make the flower come alive and awaken not only visual pleasure, but also bring aromas, memories and emotions to the presence.

In a society where time slips through our fingers, watching a flower for hours is my greatest source of inspiration.

The essentials in your workshop

Looking at my workshop right now, I can say that my essentials are books with beautiful covers, some candles, several notebooks to take notes. Lots of plants, a comfortable chair, my color log and my materials to paint with Watercolors. In the company of a coffee, music and my 3 cats.

In which home textiles would you like to see some of your projects?

I would love with all my heart to see it in large-scale textiles, such as blankets and rugs.

What relationship does your work have with Slow life?

Painting inspired by nature has changed my way of living. Not only has it helped me develop my creativity, manage stress, and be happier, but it has also changed my lifestyle to a slower one.

All my works are developed in pencil on cotton paper, after that comes a long process of painting with watercolors. A celebration of a slow process, learning to cultivate patience and discovering that each process has its development time.

Artist that you recommend following and why?

I love the work of Luisa Rivera , whenever I admire her work I am transported to dreamlike situations, I connect with childhood dreams and the present. I perceive his illustrations as beautiful compositions with an incredible sensitivity.

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