By Augusta Alemparte from @vivirconsciente

My kitchen is my experimentation center, it is the place where all the magic happens, from where the richest smells come out and also the space for family gatherings, meetings, conversations and also fights... as well as some failed recipes.

It is the center of my house (both physically and conceptually), we play music, we laugh, we get dirty, we let the children experiment, peel, chop, stir, season and connect with food.

So that all this happens, so that everything flows, so that thinking about what to cook daily is not a constant stress, I always have a weekly organization that allows experimentation on that. There are always some simple, basic preparations, raw materials ready, arrive and combine, because we don't always want to start from scratch, because we don't always
we have time to do it.

For me, the first important thing is to have the pantry and refrigerator clean and tidy, to know what is there and to use it. See what takes the longest to cook sooner and leave the freshest things behind to make room for what can go bad faster.

Once we achieve that part, it is good to determine what are those bases that always save me... perhaps some roasted vegetables or some cooked legumes can be a great starting point, and little by little, build our structure and organization, hopefully vary week by week so that we have a nutritious diet and that it does not become monotonous.

I invite you to do the test, start this month with the kitchen orderly, clean and calm... so that we can create and share in this space that gives our homes so much heat.

Let's not throw away anything, let's cook and use everything we have!

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