Ines Aguilar

What inspires you? Many things inspire me, crafts, nature, poetry, literature, art... and also dreams and the fantastic. I always try to make garments that tell stories and that can transform our reality and our way of perceiving the world a bit.

The essentials in your workshop In my workshop you can't miss books, pictures, paintings, illustrations and everything inspiring.

In which home textiles would you like to see some of your projects? I would love to make rugs, cushions, tablecloths...everything for the home seems wonderful to me and seeing "wendy's house" embracing houses and filling them with stories would seem like a dream.

What relationship does your work have with Slow Life? Our work is born from the need to pay homage to crafts, to traditional textile work, it arises from the need to vindicate slow fashion, thought out, designed with love and making it durable and sustainable. Slow is betting on slow things, made with care and love and dispensing with mass-produced products of low quality and without soul.

Spanish artist that you recommend following and why? I would recommend many because there is a lot of talent around here, but I love Andres Gallardo and his work of artisan ceramic jewelry that is beautiful.

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