Elena Ho

@ELENAHO_ Chilean illustrator

What inspires you?
I am inspired by people, and their contradictions. Emotions and how we speak what we feel with the body and what surrounds us.

The essentials in your workshop
My desk, sounds super obvious, but I made it and it's huge to fit everything on top. When I work I need to have the computer, books, pencils, paints and sketchbooks open on the desk. And mine allows me that necessary disorder for work and inspiration.

In which home textile would you like to see your illustrations?
Carpets for sure. I've been longing to see my drawings on a rug for some time now, because right now I'm very interested in large format and objects, which has led me to experiment with new techniques and materials that take my work off the wall, the brush and paper. Plus it's always encouraging to see your work on new surfaces.

What relationship does your art have with SlowlIfe?
A lot, I think my work has been what has taught me the most to live slowly. The importance of not forcing creative times and living calmly with that has been the most difficult thing to accept, but it is absolutely necessary to be able to create. At least for me, it is necessary to give priority to leisure and recreational moments to stay creative, with new ideas and the desire to create. And I think that this is very reflected in my work, he painted women mostly reflecting, a little nostalgic and in leisure situations.
Once you accept that, it is very interesting to see how things go, to study the processes and give them as much value as the finished work, because in the end each part of the process can lead you to new ideas and new paths, which for me is the most entertaining part of work as creative

Chilean artist that you recommend following and why?
I really like the work of Andres Herrera, the subtlety of his work and how it changes from one material to another.

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