@catalina.cumsille Chilean graphic designer and illustrator.

4 years ago he began to explore the world of illustration on different supports through different courses and that is how he came to ceramics.

"I loved this material and the possibilities it gave me to be able to capture my designs on its surface"

The essential thing for me in my workshop is that it have good light, that maybe a little bit of sun also reaches my desk to take advantage of it in winter while I work. Order is also super important in my space, before starting work I put all the paints and brushes on the table, and when I finish I order everything and keep everything on shelves.

I would love to see my illustrations on many textiles or new objects: bedspreads, cushions, kitchen towels or bed downspouts. It would be very nice to be able to combine them with other elements in solid colors that match the illustrations.

The purpose of my project has always been to create objects that their owners fall in love with, unique and collectible objects that accompany them in their homes for many years. In a world where plastic things, short-lived and with high turnover, prevail, the idea is to create a durable product that the user values ​​as a unique piece, that they keep and hopefully pass it on from generation to generation. And thus reduce the amount of garbage that is produced by these discarded products, that the user stops wanting, that loses its usefulness or that no longer works.

“We believe in crafts as a means to return to a more human dimension, since craft objects are not just 'things', they contain ancient stories and knowledge inside… By replacing a plastic utensil with a ceramic one, we all we can be part of a great revolution” Lauren Moreira founder of the More Clay Less Plastic movement.

Each piece that I make is produced by hand by a ceramics workshop and painted in detail one by one. Although there may be pieces with the same illustration, they will never be exactly the same since the brush stroke and human error will always exist and will give the piece its unique character.

I love the work of Luisa Rivera, a Chilean illustrator who lives in London and who has given life to the illustrated editions of García Márquez's books. I love how her illustrations bring these stories to life and how they mix with the texts, I highly recommend following her and also seeing those books are treasures.

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