Antonella Pastén

Designer/ illustrator and creator of @uncafeconmieel

What inspires you?

I have just inaugurated my first exhibition, where my greatest inspiration was my day to day, my neighborhood and the romanticized memories that wander in my mind. Now I feel that I am entering a new era of things that inspire me, I am very curious about learning how to paint faces, maybe experimenting with other color combinations and other materials. So now that answer is a bit fuzzy haha, I'm in season two mode of my art.

The essentials in your workshop

The first thing is to set the scene, so my headphones and spotify are the first to appear. I think the second thing is comfort, so the outfit with slippers and a sweatshirt is also the protagonist, then come (obviously) the acrylics, brushes, water and a cloth to clean the brushes.

In which home textile would you like to see your illustrations?

I love rugs, I experimented a while ago with punch needle embroidery and I loved the huggable texture it left.

What relationship do your pieces have with Slowlife?

I think they are very related, especially because of how I work: the main thing is to do what I want to do at that moment, follow my intuition, that way the energy that I give out during the process is authentic, just enjoy.

Artist that you recommend following and why?

Well, as I mentioned above, I am in a process of exploration, so I have been more aware of the work of @aisartist . I love the expressions and the depth that is reached with the look, I also really like the art of @naomisclark, I feel identified with that more experimental, the work can even be part of the water! I find interesting everything that has to do with getting out of that four-walled room and taking it outside, that the work is completed with the landscape, fascinates me.

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